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  Happy New Year
Posted by: LocMax - 12-31-2016, 06:48 PM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (81)

Hello fellow players of Advance Gaming,

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, 2017, in which I wish you all to achieve all the goals you have planned, to have health and happiness, and to stay safe. 2016 was anything but a rough year for Advance Gaming, we are more than happy with what we have achieved, however, we would be happier if we could have achieved more. Admittedly, there have been projects this year which were promised and which were a failure, and I do apologize for those promises which let you down.

Admittedly, I am not as active as I used to be in previous years, and a simple reason being - there's nothing much more that I can do for the server. It's already highly developed and has a lot of advanced features that many other servers might not have. We have an amazingly optimized script.Which brings me to another paragraph,

I would like to personally thank few amazing assets,
Developer - Yashas, who was of immense support to Advance Gaming throughout his time in this community, his knowledge in scripting and programming is unmatched by anyone I ever met in SA:MP.
Community Leader - Ahmad, who put immense effort into building the Advance Gaming's online websites, such as the forums and control panels. Beside that, he was also the one who developed the second most successful server in Advance Gaming, which was the Cops'n'Robbers. Hopefully, in 2017, he gains motivation and time to re-launch it.
Community Leader - OFS, who was a crucial person in keeping moral up in the community, his sense of humor and his advice was always of use to me, let alone his mapping creations which I find incredible and responsible for the atmosphere of war in the server. Without his maps, the server would be bland and would have much less war-like atmosphere than it has now. I appreciate him and his work.
Community Leader - Brandon, who has been with us since the very beginning of the community, and who has always been the one to keep things in track in terms of professionalism and ethics. I thank him for the time and effort he put into Advance Gaming and for his leadership in Staff Team.
Community Leader - Crasher, who still remains with us even a year after officially resigning, and continuing to provide us with advice and support with his knowledge of scripting and programming. Thank you.

I feel very privileged and honored to have the fortune to work with the people listed above, individually, each of them gave immense effort into the community, with their knowledge and skills, without them, Advance Gaming wouldn't be the same as it is now.

I can promise you, players, that in 2017, Vandetta has planned some big changes, and he is putting a lot of his money into these changes, and I need to thank him more than anyone else, for choosing to host this community back in 2014 and for choosing to put massive amount of effort, time and money into this community. Without him, we wouldn't be talking here now. I hope that his planned changes will be liked by the players, and I will support every planned change he told me about.

Let's not forget about Hazard, the second one who influenced the community massively, with his patience, kindness, politeness and management skills, during his time of activity, the staff team was better than ever, his work was so significant that it allowed Vandetta and me to focus on our own tasks, mine being scripting and Vandetta's being managing the hosts, and I would more than anything love to have him back active to help us in 2017 with the planned changes and to be with us.

2016 might have been successful, but that's not good enough for this community. We strive to make this community even more successful in 2017, expand it to other games such as Minecraft, and to provide all of our players immense amount of entertainment, fun and joy. That's the sole reason this community was established for, it's not to be a business, not to be a place for Vandetta, Hazard and I to hammer down on you all with our levels and visions, but to listen to you, to entertain you, to provide you a place where you can have fun, where you have joy and where you feel happy to play. And that's my biggest aim for this community, always was and always will be. I know last months haven't been that good, and that it's also been my fault for not being as active as I used to be, but as I said, as time passes, my motivation gets lower, however, I'm nowhere close to mounting out of this community. I'll continue to do whatever it takes to keep it alive and to keep it great. Even if it means allowing someone else to take over the script.

In conclusion, I wish you all a Happy New Year, I wish you health, I wish you to achieve all the goals you have and to remain safe. Hop on in the 2017 train, we're gonna have another long bumpy ride with lots of changes ahead of us.

  Looking for a HD / Quality image
Posted by: LocMax - 12-29-2016, 07:03 PM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (36)

We are looking for a quality / high definition image taken in COD:GW without any textdraws / chats / kill lists, preferred to have ENB / some mods to make it more quality.
This image will be used as background image in the future forum design. Also it should be at least 1080p.

  Join AG Discord!
Posted by: Assassin - 12-27-2016, 02:23 AM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (1)

Join Nation of Wadiya on discord : https://discord.gg/pNH8j9P

You can communicate easier with admins and players using discord, give it a try.

  Community review
Posted by: LocMax - 12-13-2016, 11:58 AM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (117)

We've done few of these in past. It's time for the players of Advance Gaming to provide us with their review of the Community. What do you want to see changed, what is bad, what is good, give us honest review of the Community and what can be changed in it to improve the experience and make it more attractive for you.

None will be punished for providing a honest review of the Community in this survey. Be fully honest and provide direct opinion on what's wrong and what's good and what can be better.

  Christmas Games 2016 - Individual Combat Tournament [APPLY HERE]
Posted by: Vandetta_ - 12-11-2016, 08:52 AM - Forum: General information - Replies (88)

[Image: logo.png]

Individual Tournament

- Elimination type tournament. 1 Match.
- You will fight against an opponent previously random drawn.
- You will be guaranteed full health, armor and a helmet.
- Your weapons will be an Eagle, a Combat Shotgun and an M4.
- Battles will take place at the RC Stadium.
(Duel styled eagle battles were ruled out. Not everyone is good with only that especific weapon and the place is open, which doesn´t offer strategic plays from the contestants. In the RC Stadium, you may adopt your strategy and take cover, dive, etc... It´s up to you to adopt it)

- Usage of cheats are obviously not allowed.
- You won´t be given additional ammo, the distribution will be enough for 1 enemy. Manage it carefully and don´t shoot at the air. (Strategy takes place)
- If you "Leave" or "Crash" you lose the match.
- Players that didn´t register here won´t be able to play.
- Don´t change your name after you registered, tags are fine. Extra confusion is unnecessary.
- Having more than 1 registered player for the same person will get both of them disqualified. (No fake registrations.)
- If you are VIP, you can´t use /heal, /armor, etc... All players will be equal.
- Usage of bugs are not allowed.

- 1st Place - 1.000 score, 5.000.000$, -100 deaths and VIP LEVEL 3.
- 2nd Place (the other finalist) - 750 score, 3.000.000$ and -50 deaths.
- 3rd Place (match between the semi-final losers) - 350 score, 1.500.000$ and -10 deaths.

Sign Up:

To sign up to the tournament, you should be the follow conditions:

- At least 1500 scores or 15 hours of gameplay.
- Not banned for aim/nametag/hud/wall hacks in the latest 6 months.
- Not banned on or after 20th October for an other valid reason.
- Fill this application(Reply with it here):

IG Name:
Previous Names:
Stats Pics(not picture = denied):

- Sign up is open until the 19th, December 2016


- Schedule will be announced on 20 December
- Matches will be played from 24 December until 31 December.
- A player may request to change the time of a match between before 23 December by sending a forum private message to any of the managers.

  Slow development of BF
Posted by: Jarek - 11-28-2016, 05:45 PM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (31)


As some may have noticed, I'm not very active these last days. I am quite busy everyday, I work very hard, and I can barely profit from my weekends to rest a bit. In the week time, I also need to rest in the evening, so in the end I just don't have any time to script at all. Add to this the fact that barely anyone logs in BF and shows any dedication in it, and it's even less motivating to work.

THEREFORE, I've slown down my work on BF's script. There is an update in progress since 3 weeks, but I'm wondering if it's any use.

Oh, and I don't even have time to work on moving BF to the new host either. Even if I had, I'm wondering who would connect on it anyway.


  Server Moved
Posted by: Vandetta_ - 11-25-2016, 09:51 AM - Forum: News and announcements - Replies (12)

The Server has been moved to:

HostName: [AG]   >>>> Call of Duty: Global Warfare <<<<
Players: 0 / 230
Ping: 110
Mode: COD:GW V5.6 (TDM/DM/WAR)
Language: English

UCP will be moved within 48 hours.

Note: Due to a bug in OVH GAME firewall protection, the server will be on within max 2 hours