Christmas Games 2016 - Individual Combat Tournament [APPLY HERE]
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Individual Tournament

- Elimination type tournament. 1 Match.
- You will fight against an opponent previously random drawn.
- You will be guaranteed full health, armor and a helmet.
- Your weapons will be an Eagle, a Combat Shotgun and an M4.
- Battles will take place at the RC Stadium.
(Duel styled eagle battles were ruled out. Not everyone is good with only that especific weapon and the place is open, which doesn´t offer strategic plays from the contestants. In the RC Stadium, you may adopt your strategy and take cover, dive, etc... It´s up to you to adopt it)

- Usage of cheats are obviously not allowed.
- You won´t be given additional ammo, the distribution will be enough for 1 enemy. Manage it carefully and don´t shoot at the air. (Strategy takes place)
- If you "Leave" or "Crash" you lose the match.
- Players that didn´t register here won´t be able to play.
- Don´t change your name after you registered, tags are fine. Extra confusion is unnecessary.
- Having more than 1 registered player for the same person will get both of them disqualified. (No fake registrations.)
- If you are VIP, you can´t use /heal, /armor, etc... All players will be equal.
- Usage of bugs are not allowed.

- 1st Place - 1.000 score, 5.000.000$, -100 deaths and VIP LEVEL 3.
- 2nd Place (the other finalist) - 750 score, 3.000.000$ and -50 deaths.
- 3rd Place (match between the semi-final losers) - 350 score, 1.500.000$ and -10 deaths.

Sign Up:

To sign up to the tournament, you should be the follow conditions:

- At least 1500 scores or 15 hours of gameplay.
- Not banned for aim/nametag/hud/wall hacks in the latest 6 months.
- Not banned on or after 20th October for an other valid reason.
- Fill this application(Reply with it here):

IG Name:
Previous Names:
Stats Pics(not picture = denied):

- Sign up is open until the 19th, December 2016


- Schedule will be announced on 20 December
- Matches will be played from 24 December until 31 December.
- A player may request to change the time of a match between before 23 December by sending a forum private message to any of the managers.
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btw, whatsup with the current tournaments? no updates at all.
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i be hotter than some shit your mom cook in the sauce pan

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